Born in Lucca, Italy, Leo arrived in England in 1964 and instantly decided to make this his home.

During his Italian national service, he threw the discus for the army and could have reached Olympic standard had he pursued this sport.

Once in England he tried a variety of jobs and eventually became a model and an actor. His modelling was mainly in photographic shoots and advertisements. He was "Mr Gitane" for a while. He had a variety of roles in film and on television and travelled the world.

After a holiday in Sri Lanka he was fascinated by the local jewellers and on his return he decided to make jewellery.  He is mainly self-taught.

He has developed a very personal approach to making jewellery - with his Italian sense of style he produces unique pieces using natural uncut diamonds and natural gem stones in 22ct gold. He is also particular that the gold itself is a piece of sculpture enhancing the beauty of the stone.

Commissions are welcome and all designs can be made to measure.